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The FasciaBlaster: Is It Worth It? Find Your Answers Here

Fascia blasting is becoming more and more popular these days. This body technique and its amazing benefits are shared on different social media platforms. Just like cupping and cryotherapy, people are wondering whether fascia blasting is really effective or not. Is it worth your time and effort? Do you need to do it like the others? It’s not a do or die thing, but only if you want to give fascia blasting a try too.

If you are into the bodywork, then doing something for your fascia issues using this technique and the tool they call fasciablaster will not do you any harm. But what is fascia and how can fascia blasting help with your different fascia problems.

What is Fascia?

Though fascia cannot be seen by the naked eye, everyone has it. This is the connective tissue that protects our muscles and organs. According to experts, this is like a white, fibrous layer of ‘orange-like’ peel. Others describe it as similar to a plastic that is wrapped around your muscles. It simply supports your tissues and muscles.

Every move that you make and every step you take, your fascia reacts. But if you are dehydrated or suffer from an injury, this causes your fascia to clump up and it would adhere to itself and to the other structures of your body like your bones, muscles, and skin. This will make your fascia go rigid and stiff. This is why you feel tightness, pain, or dull soreness.


Fascia Blasting – Is It Really Effective?

According to Ashley Black, the inventor of fasciablaster which is the most popular tool for fascia blasting in the market these days, foam rolling or self-myofascial release might be the perfect fix that you need for your problematic fascia. What the tool does is it compresses your tissue and rolls over your fascia. So for tense muscles, this is a proven effective way to relieve pain and discomfort, especially after a workout.

But if you want to achieve the best result, you have to go deeper to the target area. She says that you have to rake deep through the layers of your fascia. The inventor created this amazing device for her clients to find treatment by themselves while at home. According to Black, there are 29 different ‘zones’ all throughout our bodies. With the fascia blaster, you can target all these zones.

Is The FasciaBlaster Good For Me?

If you base it on the success stories of many people, then there is no reason for you not to try it too. If you are not fond of invasive treatments, then the fascia blaster can do the trick for you. Results differ for every person, but for sure you too will find relief from pain and discomfort after using the fascia blaster. Is it worth it? Well, if you have spent money on medications and other methods for your fascia problems that did not do any good for you, then spending on the fascia blaster and reap the long-term benefits will not be a problem.

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