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The Church Of Jesus!!!

Shincheonji Church of Jesus was established in the year 1984. It is also called the temple of Tabcernale of testimony. It is known as a replication of heaven on earth. Most of the people believe that it is the kingdom of God created by him on earth. It is a strong belief that any priest or people who visit this temple will receive salvation and be one with the Lord.

The spiritual realm of heaven was seen by the Promised Pastor of the Church with the grace of the Lord. The church is built as a replica of what the pastor has seen. This temple of the tabernacle of the testimony follows the will of God. This works for the healing of all nations worldwide. The New Heaven New Earth (NHNE) is a mission which answers the question of human origin and their purpose of life. Temple claims that the promised pastor Lee is the only one who was sent by Jesus Christ and prophesied in the new testament. Shincheonji is a very holy place. The temple believes that it is only the true faith that one has on their Lord which gets them to salvation.


The NHNE Throne mark

The holy city of New Jerusalem is symbolized by the NHNE Throne mark. This symbol replicates the image of heaven. Heaven and Earth are replicated by the two outer rings and the Kingdom of God is represented by the square within. Jesus is presented with the cross in the middle of the mark. The cross also represents the path and the word of the Lord. Bible has mentioned that Moses has built the tabernacle on planet Earth similar to the spiritual realm of heaven.

This Church is an exact representation of The Spiritual realm of heaven that the promised pastor has seen. The team of the church has many volunteers who would love to share the love of God with the entire community, their neighbors, and the world. Here they believe that love is received in the form of air water and light by God. In the same way, humans also have to serve their people. They have received many awards and recognitions for their service among the masses. They have always done a true act of kindness by revitalizing neighborhoods and cleaning up beaches. All this has positively helped humanity. To create positivity is to follow the work & will of God.

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