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Suffering from Slipped Disc? Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Chair for Your Back!

Have you heard about this chronic illness called slipped disc?

Slipped disc or herniated disc is a type of chronic illness that gives moderate to severe pain on their lower back. The slipped disc puts extra pressure on your nerves and muscles, thus, giving you a sharp pain on your back. Symptoms include numbness, pain, and discomfort on one side of the body.

According to a survey, most patients who suffer from the slipped disc are office workers or those people who spend most of their day sitting. So, what does it mean? If you’re not careful enough, especially, choosing your office chair, you’ll end up suffering from chronic illness like a slipped disc. Plus, your posture and spine are at risk of being damaged.

You may think that choosing an office chair is a simple task, but no. You have a lot of things to consider, especially if you’re suffering from a slipped disc. Many brands in the market offer a wide variety of ergonomic chairs. Some of these ergonomic chairs don’t meet the standard expectations when talking about performance. So, if you’re looking for the best place to buy office furniture, consider looking for an item to Indianapolis. Most of their chairs can meet your expectations when talking about back supports.

best place to buy office furniture

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect ergonomic chair for your back:

  1. Back Support

This is an essential factor when it comes to the ergonomic chair. A reliable and perfect ergonomic chair should have a comfortable backrest and adjustable for at least 12 inches. Most importantly, the backrest should have a lockable feature to provide your stable back support.

If an ergonomic chair has this feature, you can ensure that it’ll prevent your back from slouching. Also, it can aid pressure from your spine. Moreover, the adjustability should have a recline function that can go up to 110 to 130 degrees to support your body weight, which can make the back pains away.

  1. Head Support

The perfect ergonomic chair should offer you comfortable head support, meaning that the chair has an active headrest. Moreover, a good headrest should also be adjustable, which can make the neck pains away.

  1. Weight Capacity

If you plan to purchase an ergonomic chair to support your weight, then this is not the appropriate chair for you. For ergonomic chairs, manufacturers give weight specifications. Other ergonomic chairs can hold a maximum of 330 pounds capacity.

  1. Stability

If the ergonomic chair is not stable, then that chair is a fraud. A good and reliable ergonomic chair should be stable to give you the most comfort that you deserve. It also prevents accidents from happening. Moreover, stability is the number one key factor to identify if an ergonomic chair is durable.

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