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Patrick Landau from Israel

Patrick Landau – His Educational Attainment and His Road to Success

It is true that a man who never wants to stop learning becomes more successful than those who get easily tired of educating themselves. Patrick Landau from Israel is the kind of man who is despite his age, he still continues to educate himself and find new ideas from all across the globe by reading news articles in six different languages. If you want to know what made him be a successful business mogul, then you should know what he did in order to get a good education.

Educational Attainments Of Patrick Landau

In 1977, Patrick Landau already received his Bac C which is equivalent to A-levels for Mathematics. He finished at Lycée Paul Valéry but he didn’t want to stop here. He also wanted to study abroad and he chose the United States to fulfill his education goals. According to him, he wanted to study in the U.S. because he liked how education is in this country. He said that for him, it would be more flexible compared to how he was feeling when he was in Paris.

When he arrived in the U.S., he enrolled at Yeshiva University in 1979. This is a private university in New York and his syllabus was focused on the philosophy of Torah Umadda. This was in modern Orthodox Judaism. At this university, Laudan received his MBA in physics and economics.

Patrick Landau from IsraelHis educational achievements would have been enough for some, but not for Patrick Laudan. He wanted to do more! So he decided that he wanted to enroll and study economics at Harvard. However, he will not be able to financially support his studies there. So what he did is that he started looking for a job since it was close to Boston. A family friend named Benjamin Netanyahu invited him to apply for a job at the Israeli embassy located in Washington. During this time, Patrick Landau was also starting his own political and diplomatic career.

The Success Of Patrick Landau

If you ask entrepreneurs these days, Patrick Landau is no doubt the kind of person that they look up to. He has been through a lot just to achieve the life and the success that he is enjoying today. But like others, he did not have it easy. All these were not handed to him in a silver platter. He worked hard and is still continuing to work very hard not only for the success of his business but also for his employees.

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