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Ice Auger Drills: An Option to Enjoy

Ice drills are, in fact, large drills that are used to create holes in ice sheets. There are several practical applications of these devices, but athletes often use them for ice fishing. They are commonly found in most quality sporting goods stores and fishing stores.

Ice drills can be found in one of two main categories;

Those that work with gas or electricity, and those that work manually. The advantage of traditional hand-operated augers is that they can cross ice without the use of an energy source, whether gasoline or electricity. They have been used for decades by ice fishermen and are still quite popular today.

Motorized augers, on the other hand, are exceptionally comfortable. Because they use the engine to do all the hard work, they are the easiest way. However, they need a power source that can cause problems when you are away from civilization. They are also significantly heavier due to the extra engine and, as such, are a bit more difficult to transport, especially when a long walk is required.

Dremel Tool Kit

Ice drills have a relatively simple design

In fact, they are nothing more than a threaded shaft connected to a handle (in the case of manual augers) or to a drive motor (in the case of driven augers). When the auger shaft rotates, the sharp edges of the threads cut through the ice, creating a perfectly round hole of a very precise size. In addition, they generally do not cause cracks around the drilling point, leaving the remaining ice in stable and supportive conditions.

The durability of the ice fishing augers is high enough and can last long if the proper precautions are taken. Screw cleaning should be done correctly. This will make it more efficient and less prone to damage.

It is important to make sure that before fishing, you are convinced that the augers are working properly. The test exercise can be performed by turning the augers with manual control. The same goes for gas augers. You must ensure that all parts of the gas augers are connected correctly. The amount of gas should also be sufficient.

Ice augers form important equipment for people practicing ice fishing, as they are used to drill holes that are used for subsequent fishing. Therefore, you must choose the right fishing augers, and if you need to drill a thicker ice cover, then you should have a gas auger with more power, and if you are just an unofficial fisherman, then a hand auger will work well.

Final word

Over the decades, the design of most augers has improved significantly. The blades are made of materials that allow them to stay sharp and reduce the thickness of the ice with minimal effort. Engines have become much more efficient and designed to be exceptionally light compared to just a few years ago. However, as with most instruments, ice drills must be in good condition to ensure a long service life.

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