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Auto workshop

How to choose a good car workshop?

Are you wondering how to find a good car workshop to avoid unexpected failures, not overpay and get your car repaired on time? Here are some of them. When looking for a car workshop, it’s important to use the opinions of other drivers. A good idea would be to seek advice from friends or browse automotive forums. Why pry open an open door  auto repair edmonds wa  when you can benefit from someone else’s experience? The probability of success will undoubtedly be greater if we go to a proven garage.

Claims settlement and cashless settlement, i.e., a workshop variant

The workshop variant, also called service or cashless is a more convenient version. We leave the damaged vehicle for a fixed time in the workshop, and then collect it – repaired and ready for use. We select the workshop ourselves, optimally from a list of points cooperating with a given insurance company, but this is not a necessary requirement. It may include garages authorized by the manufacturer or importer of vehicles of a given brand,  auto repair edmonds wa  as well as those that are not official. The repair workshop issues invoices for the service and then settle directly with the insurer. The vehicle owner makes a decision about the workshop, then he no longer worries about the cost of labor or the price of individual parts.

Cost estimation variant – take cash, repair it yourself

Auto workshop

The second variant of car repair – an estimate, cash, or “for a quote” – assumes that the insurer pays the money for removing the damage directly to its owner, and he repairs the car in the workshop of his choice and pays for the repair himself. The damage is assessed by the insurer’s appraiser; on this basis, an overall repair cost estimate is created, and the insurer pays that sum.

Liability of the perpetrator or the owner AC – what policy is the claim liquidated from?

Before the decision: cashless repair in the workshop or cash in hand, we can stand in two situations. First of all, when we are the injured party, and our vehicle is repaired from the collector’s liability insurance policy. Then the decision must be made before reporting the damage because choosing the form of its removal is one of the first things the insurer will ask us about.

We also face a similar choice when the damage is our fault, and we want to remove it as part of our AC policy. Here, we must make the decision at the stage of purchasing the policy, because the scope of coverage affects the price of insurance.

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