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Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites

Why did people call it a mosquito bite while it doesn’t have teeth? Why mosquito bite? technically, a mosquito doesn’t bite. These small insects suck blood from the prey with the use of their proboscis. Did you know that mosquitoes don’t only feed on blood from animals and humans? Yes, they also feed on nectar. Mosquitoes only feed on blood for additional nutrients, most especially when the reproduction period. Mosquito bites are described as a red-point of a pen that appeared on the skin. Once you are bitten by a mosquito, a red point appears on the skin that looks annoying, especially when it is too many. These bloodsuckers are not safe. It might cause illnesses that possibly lead to death. Thus, mosquito treatment durham prevents the growing numbers of these tiny bloodsuckers.

Behavior of mosquitoes

Did you know that mosquitoes are normally active at dusk and dawn? Mosquitoes hunt victims and feed during those periods. Once they find their targets, they carefully land on the human or animal’s skin ready to suck blood. Have you noticed when a mosquito sucks blood, you don’t recognize their presence at first until they continually sucking? Yes, mosquitoes use saliva that acts as a pain killer to mask the bloodsucking activity. Right after the application of what they called it as a painkiller, they put out the proboscis.

What is proboscis?

The proboscis is a hollow needle-like form in the head of a mosquito. It sticks on the skin of the victim to continually suck blood. While sucking the blood, the abdomen bulged as it continuously filling with blood. Sucking is continuous until the abdomen is filled with the blood it needs. If mosquito bite is itchy and painful in a few minutes. The itch and pain are followed by swelling. The concept that mosquitoes suck blood to feed is not that true. Although they suck blood to feed, it has a purpose. Mosquitoes don’t survive just sucking blood. They only need blood to provide them additional nutrients like iron and protein.  Iron and protein are good nutrients that help their reproduction.

The danger of mosquito bite

Mosquitoes are considered as the deadliest and most dangerous insect in the world. The direct harm that these creatures can do, they are called human killers. These tiny insects carry a wide range of disease-causing viruses and bacteria without infecting themselves. They do a transfer-making disease as they such blood from different individuals. So, if they suck a person that is suffering from a particular disease, the bacteria can be transferred to another person.

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