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Future of Bitcoin wallet: The procedure conducted!

bitcoin wallet

The future of bitcoins is limited only due to lack of awareness about its features and attributes by the people at large. The bitcoins have three useful qualities as a currency, which are – hard to earn, limited in supply, and easy to verify, though bitcoins function more as a payment system than a currency. The system is expected to evolve further with passage of time and many other cryptocurrencies collectively known as alt-currency will drive the growth and acceptance of bitcoin wallet.

The founding of crypto:

But ever since there has been internet, there was a need for digital cash. Cash is untraceable, anonymous, instant, free to use and interoperable between computers. This form of cash was needed to make transactions that were banned or regulated by administrating bodies. So, to buy or sell stuff that the dictator of your country doesn’t allow you to, instead of using the accounts that link back to you, you may choose to be anonymous and untraceable to avoid the eyes of the Big Brother.

To make such data transfers without being watched or governed by third parties, a new solution was found. Blockchain.

Who made it?

In 2009, a person or a group of persons named Satoshi Nakamoto invented blockchain. Who Satoshi is, nobody knows. But they unleashed a cryptocurrency that you can buy online and then spend freely and anonymously like using cash. Since it was not maintained by a central bank but by

2009 Recession and Emergence of Bitcoin

After the fall of

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