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Complete Overview on Buying BTC on GDAX


We present step-by-step guide on How you can buy Bitcoin, on the GDAX that is one part of Coinbase.

Why to Choose GDAX?

When you get the funds on Coinbase, percent of fees it puts on your purchase or sale will not be the problem in case you are trading in place of holding. Suppose you are buying or selling often on the Coinbase, the fee can actually be of one concern since it begins cutting the profits or losses. The gdax allows you trade the different pairs as per the country that you’re actually trading from.

What’re Makers & Takers on the GDAX?

The GDAX and other exchange can charge the transaction fee when you make the trade —buy or sell. At times, different exchanges may have the different structure for fee for maker & taker orders. The Maker Order means that you make offer and somebody accepts this. It makes you a maker and recipient the taker.

The Taker Order is in case you accept an offer (buy or sell) somebody has made. It makes you a Taker and sender the Maker.

Mastering the Limit buys & Sells.

Now we know what are Maker & Taker orders and different exchanges can have the different fee structures. The GDAX is one type exchange where the fees for Maker orders are totally ZERO. Thus, if we will place the Maker orders rightly when buying or selling —there will not be any kind of transaction fees!

Here is how to place the Limit Buy and the Limit Sell, so you always will be making offer as well as your order can get charged zero transaction fees. Whereas Coinbase platform had began out slow because of lack of the awareness

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