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Why You Should Consider Taking Melanotan

In case you still didn’t know, there’s a new popular drug in town that’s perfect for the summer. Its called Melanotan and its one of the increasingly popular drug today. In order to understand why you need to know about its function, one must know how it works. The drug acts by treating erectile dysfunction and prevents skin cancer. So now you probably got the idea why its the perfect summer drug. Summer is on its way and surely you’re already excited to hit the beach and flaunt your beach body.

Although the sun is great and its hotter in the summer tim, and it might seem like a good reason to celebrate it, by hitting the beach and do sunbathing, its actually not healthy. Sure in theory morning when the sun is rising its healthy because it helps your body synthesize vitamin D, but during high noon, its not so good, especially if you’re a caucasian. Why? Because it can cause burns or worse, skin cancer. Its ironic that Caucasians are the ones that love basking in the heat of the sun and they are also the bones that lacks melanin.

What does melanin do and why should you care?

Melanin doesn’t just cause skin pigmentation, its also a chemical that protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Giving people rich in it a tanned look. Its main function is to prevent skin cancer and that is what Melanotan is all about. But of course, if you plan to take this one, you have to understand that it also has another main function that you will experience as well. If you love basking in the summer sun and you have a history of skin cancer, you might want to ask your doctor about taking Melanotan and see what he/she thinks about it.

Its popularly used for something else:

Although Melanotan is a very effective drug that can protect your skin and prevents skin cancer, it’s not actually the primary reason why most people take it. Melanotan, aside from protecting your skin, it also helps treat erectile dysfunction and its pretty good at it too. Now, do you understand why its a good summer drug? Although its highly advised to only take it when you need it, like any medication that treats erectile dysfunction, its also taken by people that don’t have erectile dysfunction. Its not a question whether the drug is a controlled substance or not, because controlled substance or not, people will still find ways to be creative in order to acquire such a drug.


Summer is coming, that means its time to throw in the winter clothes and start filling your closet with summer clothes. People love the summer because everything about it is fun and the sun is as yellow as ever. But although summer is fun, its not that healthy especially if you bask in Its rays for a very long time, especially in hours where its scorching hot. This will make you prone to sunburn or worse skin cancer. There is a drug that treats erectile dysfunction that also has an action that helps prevent you from getting skin cancer, it’s called Melanotan. You should check this drug out in Lovemelanotan.

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