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benefits of strong caoach

The many benefits of strong caoach

Appealing to a personal coach offers the enormous advantage of not being delivered to yourself.

Whether in the weight room, group lessons or with friends, we will give you some tips for doing exercises or progress, but you will never have a sports professional at your disposal throughout your sessions. The home sports coach is both at your side during your training, but is also available at any time until you reach your goals. After a few weeks of collaboration, your personal trainer gradually becomes a confidant who, over the days, gets to know you in order to offer you the best solutions to succeed. It’s there to motivate you in difficult times so that you do not give up, and also gives you advice throughout your collaboration to acquire better habits for lasting results.

Why choose your coach at Personal Sport Trainer?

Finding a good home sports coach is not so easy! There are indeed many coaches who claim to be a personal trainer without meeting the requirements to practice the profession.

Personal Sport Trainer

At Personal Sport Trainer, each coach is rigorously selected before joining the team. To be part of the network, the coach must prove his professional status and thus provide the company with copies of his registration certificate in the Directory of Companies and Institutions, his diplomas, his professional card, and his professional liability insurance.

Moreover, in order to guarantee a quality service, all the sports coaches of our network benefit from at least 2 years of experience, and most of them have an SAP declaration issued by the state, which allows all Customers benefit from 50% tax reduction on their home sports sessions.

Sport improves your mood

  • Do you want to feel happy and relaxed? Get involved in physical activity. Whether you play a sport, train in a gym, or walk briskly, the sports activity triggers brain chemicals that make you happier and more relaxed. Team sports, in particular, provide a chance to relax and engage in a satisfying challenge that improves your fitness. They also offer social benefits by allowing you to communicate with your teammates and friends in a recreational setting.
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