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LLC Tax Identification

The Easy Steps To Get Your LLC Tax Identification

Each independent business entity has to pay federal taxes. And no matter what business type you are in, you must have a tax id number assigned by the IRS. This identification sometimes in the form of social security number for an individual entity. And for businesses, you need to have the taxpayer employer identification number. Businesses can get this EIN through the electronic application on the IRS website. Yes, there is already an upgraded and most convenient way of getting your EIN. You only need to find the IRS website in your state and mail your application. Here’s how to get your llc tax id via the web.

The Online EIN Application

It is important to get your employer’s id number when forming a limited liability company. And you should apply for a federal tax ID number for tax purposes. It is like your social security number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To date, you can get your id online by filling out a one-page form. Here are the steps to get your employer’s id on the web.

Step 1: Ensure Your Eligibility

When applying for EIN, ensure your business eligibility within your state. There are different rules set by your state which you need to follow even in the online application. But, the process will be quicker and easier as the online application assigns an EIN to your business. You will get immediately the id upon the completion of your application. The same as the land-based processes, the online system would be available at certain times of the day. So, ensure that you understand the LLC types to make the id process faster.

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Step 2: Understand The LLC Types and Taxes

Understanding the LLC types and taxes is important when you are applying for EIN id. This is because a limited liability company is a business entity with classifications. That means LLC can be a partnership, a corporation, or a taxable disregarded entity. And that it is not being separate from each owner’s income taxes. The company handles a sole proprietorship and even a division of the corporation. Thus, take time to determine your eligibility and understand your LLC taxes beforehand.

Step 3: Send Your Application Online

You will usually get your EIN immediately after all the validations you’ve completed. Then download your id confirmation notice to register your business with your state. In this process, you will need to submit all the needed info about your business. Make sure you follow the set rules of your state so that you won’t get in trouble in the future.


Starting a new business requires two important tasks, incorporating it and filling EIN. With all the process that you can do online, you need to make sure your application is within your state’s terms. You can do the tasks in order over the web but, would depend on your business account.

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