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Major Logo Designers You Should Know About

If you want to convert your design internship into a permanent job and embark on a career in graphic designing, then the list below about major logo designers around the world should inspire you.

Below are some of the people who are responsible for iconic logos that have gone down in history and now stand for the brand’s identity.

Chip Kidd:

Based out of New York City, Chip Kidd is known for his book jackets and his publishing house, Alfred A Knopf. His most notable cover has to be “Jurassic Park”, which went on to become a logo for the blockbuster movie as well. The logo was then used for the theme park in the movie and went on to be the most iconic logos, especially, in the 90’s.

Rob Janoff:

“The man behind Apple”. You may think I’m talking about Steve Jobs, but I am actually referring to Rob Janoff, the creator of the iconic Apple logo.  He was the mastermind behind the most popular logo in present time. He always stated that the logo for Apple was pretty much a “no-brainer”. What else would you design for a company that is named after a fruit?

Kate Moross:

Settled in the UK and known for her whimsical and colorful designs, Moross has made a name for herself in the designer industry with her trademark typography and her fluid and creative style. She is the creative director of Studio Moross. The most sought-after designer in London, she has created various album covers, magazine covers and even live visuals for popular boy band One Direction.

Carolyn Davidson:

Nike’s iconic swish is known all around the world and it is so iconic that the company’s name does not have to be included in its ad campaigns, the swish is more than enough for an audience to recognize that it is a Nike ad. It’s often the simplest ideas that are the most impactful and Nike’s logo proves it.

Davidson was asked to come up with the logo while studying at the University of Portland in 1971. She was approached by the founder, Phil Knight, and was paid $35 for her work. The tick represented positivity but is actually the sketch of the Greek Goddess of victory whom the brand was termed after. Knight was very impressed by Davidson’s work and her ability to capture motion in one design, as that was one of the biggest challenges he had to face compared to rival company, Adidas.


The above mentioned names are some of the famous logo designers who created iconic identities to the most successful brands in the present world. They kept in mind the company’s vision, what they wanted the audience to feel, they also invoked emotion into their designs, which is why it resonated so well in the market. Follow their example and you too may be able to make your mark in the designing world someday!

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