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YouTube Viewer Retention

Increased YouTube views – Earn More Money

YouTube is an online video sharing site invented by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in February 2005 and Google acquired it in November 2006. Now it is world 2nd most viewed site next to Google.

Users can view, upload, download to see offline, share, and comment and subscribe to YouTube channels. Users should register to upload unlimited videos online on their channel. Registration is not required to view the videos. There are videos about everything around the globe.

Increasing number of views is focussed by users as they get paid depending on number of views and to gain popularity.

If our video is on the top of the search results obviously we get more views on youtube. Always upload videos with precise title and content. Always include keywords of your video in your titles and description. Video quality is important as it allows watching your video continuously and your video is ranked on top of the list.


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Thumbnail picture of the videos should be eye catching as users first see the thumbnail and click on the video to see it. Thumbnails describe what exactly we are going to see. While watching videos on YouTube we see thumbnails of related videos , if we see interesting thumbnail below then we skip watching current video to see it. This describes how important thumbnails are.

We may not visit YouTube once in a day but we see Facebook for multiple times. So linking your YouTube channel with Facebook helps you to reach your subscribers. You can add a link to your video in Facebook to get more views. Create a video of current trend and post hashtag on Twitter to make it viral.

Call to action (CTA)

CTAs are used by channel managers to increase their channel popularity by asking viewers to subscribe their channels and to watch their remaining videos. At the end of the video CTA is popped to subscribe to the channels. Now a days CTA are blended into the videos at the beginning as users generally don’t watch complete videos.

Follow the trend

Always upload videos of trending topics. There is an page for trending videos on the home page of YouTube so you may get more views. By clicking it we are directed to the trending list, if the video is attention catching it is obvious that you get more views. Update your YouTube channel regularly once or twice a week. It helps you to stick your subscribers for long. When an user visit your YouTube channel there is a chance that they see previous videos again which helps a lot in increasing your view count.

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