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How to get back your license after a DUI license suspension?

Your driving license may get suspended when you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and the number of years of imprisonment depends on the state you are living. When you are arrested, the act you do can lead the state to suspend your license.

When an officer wants you to take a sobriety test or breathe test, and if you refuse to cooperate with him, then he can testify at the administrative suspension hearing.

Then the hearing officer will make his decision after going through all the evidences. If you are found guilty of your DUI investigation, your license may be revoked for a second time. You do not get credit for the first time when your license got suspended.

Your judge will only follow the law that is in your state, no matter whether he believes about the case in which you are involved or not.

A few states participate in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact which means that if your license in suspended in one state; your home state will also respect its suspension. You may be allowed to appeal the suspension of other state by your state and you may have more rights to appeal in your state. In this circumstance, you may need a lawyer from both states to assist you in your appeal. Visit to know how to choose an Attorney to help with a Suspension.

In some special cases, you will get some privileges which include driving for work, taking your children o their schools, taking your disabled family member to hospitals and more. Your lawyer can help you file a petition or professional driving license in a civil trial court. These licenses will permit you to drive in certain conditions. At trial, you should prove the court that you need a license.

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