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How to choose your house model?

The plan of his house is fundamental in a construction project. According to your desires, your needs, your budget, and the constraints of your land, the plan of a contemporary or traditional house is never easy to choose. We give you some tips to make the right choice. Click here for bali villa with pool fence.

The house on one level

The construction of a house on one level has advantages: first safety, because the lack of stairs is a solution that is ideal for young couples with a toddler.

Accessibility: a single-stored house allows better circulation for people with reduced mobility or elderly, without risk of falling, with access to all rooms. Visit this site for bali villa with pool fence.

The two-stored house

The advantage of a two-stored house is the possibility of increasing on the same footprint on smaller and smaller grounds. Another advantage of a house on several levels is the separation of different spaces. You can install the sleeping area upstairs and the living rooms on the ground floor.

The rectangular or square house

This house model is the most common. The circulation within the rooms of the house is favored. Its relatively simple form makes this type of house less expensive.

The house in ‘L’ shape

An L-shaped house plan allows the creation of two separate wings on the same level, the central part being most often reserved for living rooms. It is also possible to create an L-shaped house on several levels.


This model of house offers the opportunity to benefit from an opening on your terrace located in the center. However, a V-shaped house is possible if your land is flat, and if the orientation allows it, because the angle of the house will have to be sunny.

The u-shaped housebali villas

Like the V-shaped house model, a U-shaped house is usually spacious and there are plenty of openings to let in natural light. The outdoor area is the focal point of the house where the family is.


The main asset of this type of house is the adaptability to a sloping ground. A basement can increase the living space and create new spaces such as a game room, a storeroom, a workshop.

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