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Fame, Fortune and a Ton of Subscribers

A lot of millennials nowadays love taking videos of themselves or anything in particular that could relate to other people their age all over the world. Sharing of videos is a thing right now because it’s an easy way to be famous or be idolized by or just to entertain. YouTube is a perfect site to share these videos and not only is it full of artists that are role models, but also of tutorials for almost about anything under the sun.

YouTube is a website where you could share your videos in the hopes that someone would notice it and think that it’s cool. But otherwise, videos that are full of excitement, interesting and overall entertaining are mostly viewed because of how unique and funny it is. Most videos on YouTube are about music. There are music videos and covers that are posted by other artists. Some clips are about tutorials about anything; from cooking to making your own music. There are users who also upload their daily “vlogs” or video blogs wishing to share their everyday life. Many of them are inspiring and are genuinely good people.

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People who took YouTube by Storm:

NigaHiga (19.3 million subscribers) – Ryan Higa was one of the first YouTubers who became famous for producing videos with a comedic nature. He always has his friends to help him out and over the years, his videos became more diverse not only focusing on commentaries about pop culture, but also on sketches and music videos.

Epic Rap Battles (14.2 million subscribers) – Epic Rap Battles or ERB, is a YouTube series composed of only rap battles by different celebrities from history or pop culture doing a face off. It was founded by Peter Shukoff (NicePeter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLloyd). This channel is highly amusing with different important figures from history and present verbally assaulting one another and everybody loves watching these kinds of videos. I mean, who doesn’t?! Right?!

JennaMarbles (16.9 million subscribers) – Jenna Mourey posted one of her videos titles “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” which quickly become popular and helped her establish her career as a YouTube star. She became one of the most recognizable ccilebrities in YouTube who didn’t start out as a youtuber but luck found its way to her and she is known by people all over the world, especially those who are always on the internet. Her content is simple, but funny and she is one beautiful woman. Men (and even women) love her.

HolaSoyGerman. (31.2 million subscribers) – Germán Garmendia is a Chilean youtuber and is Latin America’s biggest youtube star with an estimated salary of $5.5 million. His video “Las Cosas Obvias De La Vida” which translates to “The Obvious Things of Life” made him famous in his home country. He also has another YouTube channel called JuegaGerman which is only focused on video games and also has a great following.

PewDiePie (54.1 million subscribers) – Goofy and very funny, Felix Kjellberg, became famous for his videos where he plays video games while swearing up and down, and making his viewers laugh, which is a great match with his personality. Using his charisma, he builds relationships with his subscribers. His following recently increased even after he came into a negative spotlight after a Wall Street Journal report described his videos as anti-Semitic leading companies, Disney and YouTube, to cut business ties with him though he wasn’t banned from YouTube. He is now an independent creator who aspires to better himself with the help of his supporters and fans.

These youtubers or youtube series gives us entertainment which is a great way of showing us that different personalities and style is effective in gaining more subscribers and support from those who appreciate you. They create a big impact on some people’s lives which is a good thing and at the same time gives us inspiration.

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