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There are a lot of reasons why people visit an emergency dentist. Obtaining treatment as soon as possible is important. It will lessen the risk of requiring a more intense and costly treatment. Most car accidents can lead to a situation in which one needs the help of an emergency dentist east los angeles. Even roughhousing can lead to such a situation. If you face a dental issue, sometimes it can be difficult to determine if you should go to an emergency dentist. Here are some reasons to get emergency help.

Damage to tooth restoration

The teeth will be quite vulnerable if a dental crown, implant or filling comes loose. These restorations will protect the teeth. Damaging or removing them places the teeth at a greater risk. The existing teeth will also be at risk for damage from infections. As well as one’s overarching oral health.

Broken dentures

Dentures are quite fragile. They are easy to break if you fail to take proper care. Avoid dropping the dentures or eating something too hard. When you do and the denture breaks, you should visit an emergency dentist. The usual solution is a denture repair that takes several days. But an emergency dentist can help you on how to proceed while you wait for your dentures.

Facial swelling

A tooth infection, trauma or an abscess can cause the face to swell. Do not hesitate to visit an emergency dentist if you notice your face swelling. Especially if you also feel some oral pain. Most swelling occurs due to gum disease, wisdom tooth growth, and Vitamin C deficiency.

Missing or damaged teeth

Sometimes a person breaks, chips or loses a tooth. You should not shrug it off as no big deal. You need professional help from an emergency dentist right away. The quicker you get treatment, the better the odds are for your tooth preservation.

Several oral pain

A toothache or throbbing gums is an indicator of an oral health issue. Such as severe tooth decay, gingivitis or an infection. Visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible if the pain lasts beyond a day or so. Temporary dental pain may not be serious. But if the pain continues for more than a day then it can mean something worse.

Knocked out tooth

Knocking out a tooth can lead to losing it. Handle it as little as possible. You can put it right back in the socket and bite down with moist gauze. You should take extra care to avoid swallowing the tooth. If you cannot let the tooth stay in the socket, you can rinse it off or remove visible dirt. Then store it in a container with saliva or milk until your first available appointment.

Do not dwindle when you need an emergency dentist. It is an immediate concern which you should take care of in haste.

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