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Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) guide, tips and tricks

When you launch into Counter Strike: Global Offensive games, you are entering one of the best known competitive online games in the world of video games. Almost everything is people who already know well what they are doing, so surely you are “the new one”. Therefore, we can bring this little guide with basic tips to start playing to CS: GO.Click here for teamfight tactics boosting service.

You can play offline

First of all, you should know that although it focuses on online, you can play offline against bots. Here you are not going to increase your rank, or get new objects, nor are you going to acquire enough practice to participate in competitive modes, but it can be used to familiarize you with controls, weapons menus … just enough so you don’t Make a mistake and throw a flash grenade when starting a round and avoid changing weapons, come on.Visit this site for

tft boostDownload new maps

Before talking about the different game modes, you have to understand that the game is constantly expanding, especially in the matter of maps. Therefore, the maps for the different game modes shown below are those available by default. Unlike what could happen in the past, downloading and installing new maps is very simple in CS: GO. Simply enter the Steam Workshop and download them without more, the pitcher will make it extremely easy for us to enjoy new combat zones against bots or players.

Tips to win the games

A problem must be made clear to those who are new to this game: it is a very dedicated community, with one of the strongest and longest running presences in the eSports landscape. Therefore, if you get frustrated easily, you should not get too close as it is possible for you to die with an insultingly high frequency, especially in Competitive mode.

Although the only way to win is to practice (and this means dying a lot of times) there are some basic tips that can be very useful until you get the controls:

Do not run through long aisles with side entrances

 It is the best way to stay sold in the middle of a crossfire. Instead, move slowly stuck to a wall.

Beware of squares and large areas

This is an advice from the Obvious Captain, of course. When a place is large and seems clear, it usually isn’t. Beware of snipers posted in the corners.

There are no iron sights here, get down

 The game, except in the case of zoom rifles, does not have the typical option of bringing the weapon close to the face to aim better. The precision, however, improves if you are crouched.

Auto shooting is not recommended.

Rifles and machine guns with automatic fire devour loaders and it is not convenient to press and hold the fire button. Never let out more than three or four bullets in a row, because until you learn to compensate for the blast, they will always deviate too much. This is not applicable at close range, of course. With a rival four or five meters away, try to keep your sights on your chest and empty the magazine.

Move sideways in shootings

If you cannot be covered, do not remain still as if you were a target. Instead, move sideways so that the opponent has to move his sights. Do not go zigzag or make changes of direction, unless you see that the enemy tries to open a line of fire to where you are going.

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