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Claim Gifts AndBitcoins Though Bitcoin Faucets

Many people wait for days and particularly for a specific time to get faucets. But, what is a Bitcoin faucet? A Bitcoin faucet is a website that gives out free Bitcoins as rewards to their visitors. It usually comes in Satoshis which is usually the smaller unit of Bitcoin. Rewards of the faucets are not always fixed; they may change, but getting a faucet is important.


What happens when you visit Bitcoin faucet

Every time you visit a faucet, you’ll find a captcha API already installed in the website somewhere on the page. All you have to do to win the prize is to enter the characters in the captcha box and click on the button. It puts up a simple test about proving you’re not a robot after completing that task and clicking on the claim button if you win, the website will provide you with a very small amount of bitcoins for free. It’ll get added to your Bitcoins wallet, and you have to add the wallet address before solving the captcha, and you’ll win the Bitcoins.

How this helps the company and the customers: –

These Bitcoin faucets help both the company and customers in many ways like: –

  • Surfing on their website makes the company money so losing a small amount doesn’t matter
  • The customers get free Bitcoins though small amount, but they receive
  • It helps the company to attract more customers and also acts as a marketing and promotion strategy.

There are many Bitcoin Faucets which are real but be careful while choosing the site sometime a few turns out to be fake.

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