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Bitcoin games

Bitcoin games, A new way to earn

What is a bitcoin?

Basically, a bitcoin is a form of electronic cash or cryptocurrency which is distributed or exchanged from a user to another user through the P2P bitcoin network. There is no central site or administrator for bitcoins. The transactions are mainly controlled through network nodes using cryptography and then stored in digitally accessed server known as the blockchain.

What is Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoins are referred to as the rewards of a procedure that involves mining or as it is popularly known as ‘Bitcoin mining’. It is the process by which bitcoins are mined by solving certain algorithms and problems in exchange for a certain amount of bitcoin. This uses special softwares for the processing known as ‘miner’.

Bitcoin mining

What are bitcoin games?

Bitcoin games are basically online games or contests that reward you with bitcoins. These games can be available in any form. Like from casino-based games to mining quests, arcade games to flash games and many more.

How do bitcoin games operate and provide players with bitcoin rewards?

Casino based games include an online casino like platform where players sign up for certain types of games offered such as slot machines, Blackjack and Roulettes. The rewards are in the form of bitcoins either directly or indirectly instead of cash prizes.

Mining games involves a medium where players are given a minimum hash rate, with the possibility of increasing it over time by completing certain tasks or purchasing upgrades. Thus, the players have to keep up a minimum amount of effort daily in order to win some bitcoins as a reward. For example, Rollercoin is one such bitcoin mining game available online for free. It includes mini-games which are useful in increasing hash-rates. And one can just sign up and start mining right away.

Other games such as; Tremor Games and Cash Clamber are also some online games that lets you have your rewards in the form of bitcoins. Tremor Games is an arcade online site where you can play mini flash games and earn rewards which can be later withdrawn as bitcoins, whereas Cash Clamber is itself an arcade flash game which allows you to create and play games, and based on your achievements earned, you will be rewarded with bitcoins.

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