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A Review of Botanical Line Drawing

Botanical line drawing is a really fun way of including flower and plant illustration into lettering and/or doodling. Peggy Dean is known for her hand lettering in her other book “Brush Lettering Guide”.

Botanical line drawing is Dean’s brand new book, which is all about the drawing of flowers, leaves, cacti and other fun things. The book is a step by step guide to all your botanical illustration needs.

Botanical drawing is used widely among artists who use many styles to draw; this includes fine and bold lines and can be used for different variations. The book will take you on a journey to very simple doodles and convert them into intricate and delicate pictures. The steps mentioned in the guide are easy to follow and can be applied to artists on all skill levels.

What is inside the book?

For someone with beginner to medium skill levels this book is perfect. At first glance it does not seem overwhelming and is quirky and adorable, you feel excited and want to get started on trying out the designs right away.

Section 1: Leaves

When you open the book, right off the bat, the illustrations are beautiful. The first section is about Leaves. There are various types of leaves and ferns that are showcased here. Each leaf takes up one side of the page and shows off a step by step tutorial guide on how to create the design mentioned, there is also a blank space at the bottom half of the page that encourages artists to draw and practice the illustration.

Section 2: Flowers

After leaves, the book transitions into flowers, the flower illustrations that included in the book are absolutely gorgeous and seem really easy to replicate. The steps to illustrate a flower starts off with little details and then shows how to go up from there and finally achieve a stunning finished product. This section takes up most of the book, not that there is anything to complain about.

Section 3: Succulents and Cacti

In the area of botanical line drawing, the illustration of succulents and cacti are fairly new, but popular nonetheless. The drawings that can be produced by replicating the succulent and cacti illustrations are really cute and quirky. Since drawing these plants are a fairly new technique of botanical line drawing, you will need to practice that skill for a bit.


The book is a really great introduction into the world of botanical line drawing. It is of great help to draw for personal doodling or professional designs, botanical drawing cannot only be limited to paper but you can use it on any digital or traditional tools of art. Practice makes perfect, once you have enough practice you can improvise with design and color.

There are so many possibilities with botanical line drawing and it is super simple, so anyone can give it a try and the results are awesome. So, go ahead figure out your creative outlet and doodle away!

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